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PeaceLoveDolls16 is a YouTube channel created by a girl named Faith in 2016. She has over 300 subscribers and 11 dolls in total. Her first video was a hairstyle tutorial, but she has since moved on to making AGSMs, Challenge Videos, Skit Videos, and more. She is good friends with TimeMachinePlease, MysticOceanDollies, Gingersnap AG, and many other AGTubers.


Molly McIntire (historical doll)

Emily Bennett (historical doll)

Julie Albright (historical doll)

Alexis Regan (#49)

Maggie Regan (#55)

Vivian Yang (#64)

Naomi Marino (#47)

Mia St. Claire (GOTY 2008)

Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018)

Sirena Magia (Custom)

Finn Whitman (Custom)