Purple Kitty AG is an AGTube channel run by Kitty. She created her channel on February 10, 2019, and posts a variety of videos, including AGSMs, AGPSs, unboxing videos and DIYs.

Dolls[edit | edit source]

Samantha Parkington (BeForever)

Rebecca Rubin (BeForever)

Maryellen Larkin (BeForever)

Gabriela McBride (GOTY 2017)

Nanea Mitchell (BeForever)

Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014)

Wynter Vega (TM 49)

Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018)

Carolina Vega (TM 29)

Jess McConnell (GOTY 2006)

Ainslie Evans (TM 55)

Savannah Brooks (TM 78)

Blaire Wilson (GOTY 2019)

Charlotte Williams (TM 47)

Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

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