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Purple Kitty AG is an AGtube channel. On this YouTube channel, there are stop motions (AGSMs), doll un-boxing and haul videos, doll diys, doll photos, and more. Purple Kitty AG is run by a girl who goes by the pseudonym, Catherine or "Cat" for short. Catherine has been collecting American Girl dolls for around five years now, and currently has twelve dolls:
Samantha Parkington-Beforever doll
Rebecca Rubin-Beforever doll
Maryellen Larkin-Beforever doll
Gabriela McBride-Girl of the year 2017
Nanea Mitchell-Beforever doll
Isabelle Palmer-Girl of the year 2014
Wynter Vega-Truly Me #49
Luciana Vega-Girl of the year 2018
Carolina Vega-Truly Me #29
Jess McConnell-Girl of the year 2006
Ainslie Evans-Truly Me #55
Savannah Brooks-Truly Me #78
Purple Kitty AG also has other 18 inch dolls including an Our Generation doll, a Maplelea doll, and a My Life As doll.
She joined AGtube on February 10, 2019, and posted her first video, Samantha's Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality-an AGSM, one week later. Her channel just reached 100 subscribers on May 8, 2019.
This article was written by Purple Kitty AG herself. Lol! Please check out my channel and I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe!
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