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Purple Kitty AG is an AGtube channel. On this YouTube channel, there are stop motions (AGSMs), doll un-boxing and haul videos, doll diys, doll photos, and more. Purple Kitty AG is run by a girl who goes by the pseudonym, Catherine or "Cat" for short. Catherine has been collecting American Girl dolls for around five years now, and currently has twelve dolls:

Samantha Parkington-Beforever doll

Rebecca Rubin-Beforever doll

Maryellen Larkin-Beforever doll

Gabriela McBride-Girl of the year 2017

Nanea Mitchell-Beforever doll

Isabelle Palmer-Girl of the year 2014

Wynter Vega-Truly Me #49

Luciana Vega-Girl of the year 2018

Carolina Vega-Truly Me #29

Jess McConnell-Girl of the year 2006

Ainslie Evans-Truly Me #55

Savannah Brooks-Truly Me #78

Purple Kitty AG also has other 18 inch dolls including an Our Generation doll, a Maplelea doll, and a My Life As doll.

She joined AGtube on February 10, 2019, and posted her first video, Samantha's Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality-an AGSM, one week later. Her channel just reached 100 subscribers on May 8, 2019.

Other than AGtube, her hobbies include creative writing, reading, swimming, art, singing, piano, and more.

This article was written by Purple Kitty AG herself. Lol! Please check out my channel and I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe!

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