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Rainbow Brownie Productions is an AGTube channel run by Claire. Her channel was started on September 3, 2017. Claire owns 10 dolls and posts videos to her YouTube regularly. Her first video was an interview of her first doll, Ginny. Claire states in this video that her dream TM doll is #29. She currently has 24 subscribers and 24 videos.


Ginny Weasley (MLA Red haired, Cowgirl doll)

Quinn Rose (OG Blonde Hair, Green Eyes)

Carolina Beth (WW Red Hair, Hazel Eyes)

Sammie (MLA Blonde Hair, Green Eyes)

Laikani Claire(PC AG Purple Hair, Blue Eyes)

Zoë Eve (AG Brown Hair, Brown Eyes)

Meghan Aubrey (OG Brown Hair, Blue Hair)

Ellie Mae (AG Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes)

Parklyn Rosemary (OG Brown Hair, Brown Eyes)

London Fluer (AG Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes)


Instagram: ag.rbp

YouTube: Rainbow Brownie Productions