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Rainbow Lollipop Productions is an AGTube channel created by Rainy. She created her channel on July 6th, 2014, and has over 27,000 subscribers. She was very popular in the New Generation era, especially in 2016, with her AGSM movie "Awkward" accumulating over 5 million views. Because of this, she is well known for her AGSM movies, including another 2016 movie titled "The Living Project".

She has since left AGTube, though she did not announce her departure, and deactivated her Etsy shop.


Elizabeth Cole (Historical)

Jennifer Jane Lewis (MAG 61)

Kit Kittredge (Historical)

Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

Anni Lavender Rivers (Truly Me 47)

Rebecca Rubin (Historical, customized with Marie-Grace wig)

Eddie Wilder (Custom Boy Doll)

*Dolls are in no particular order, some are her sister's)[]


  • She created an Instagram for her doll Elizabeth during the 2016 "doll personals" trend on AGIG.
  • She has a backup channel called Rainbow Lollipop BTS.
  • She began the tag '#SpreadAGTubeLove' on YouTube in 2016.
  • She won the Sophie Awards category "Best Stopmotions" in 2016.
  • She has her own Etsy shop.