AGTube Wiki

General Rules

  1. Please try to put accurate information on the pages, and don't vandalize them with negative content.
  2. Please try to use correct grammar and spelling as well.
  3. Please do not create category pages without consulting an Admin beforehand.
  4. The information should not be in first person (I, me, my, we, etc.).
  5. The wiki is not an advertising site; pages should be created to share information about a channel, not advertise a channel or its videos (ex: "I made this channel and plan to post videos soon! Please subscribe to me." or "[AGTuber] thinks this is a great idea!")
  6. Make sure the information is related to the article topic.
  7. Don't delete entire pages of information or entire sections of pages.
  8. PLEASE do not create blank pages! The point of the wiki is to showcase information on AGTubers, videos, and other aspects of AGTube, so please do not create pages simply for the sake of having them.
  9. If you come across a page that is too short, that's ok! Put in in the stub category so other people can find it and add more information to it.
  10. Please be nice and respectful to everyone on here! Remember Chrissa: no bullying!
  11. Please refrain from negative or offensive comments as well.
  12. Don't put opinionated information on a page (i. e. "She's the best AGTuber ever", "I love [AGTuber]!!!!!", etc.); that's what the comments section is for!
  13. If you need help or practice, that's ok! You can ask the admin if you need help, and you can practice in The Sandbox as well.
  14. Have fun!

Page Creation & Naming Rules

(These rules aren't to make people feel bad! View and subscription requirements are here to prevent too many pages from being created.)

Channel Pages

  1. Do not make pages for channels with less than 100 subscribers. Pages that break this rule will be deleted, but you can come back and make the page again once you meet the requirements!
  2. Make sure to include a link to the channel somewhere on the page!
  3. Include the channel's creation date and subscriber count in the page as well.
  4. Do not type in first person or use the page to advertise your channel (ex: I am making a series soon!)
  5. If the AGTuber's name is all lowercase, follow either procedure based on the name type:
    1. If the AGTuber's name has no spaces (ex: basilmentos), capitalize only the first letter; if the first two letters are "AG", capitalize both.
    2. If the AGTuber's name is multiple words (ex: little bird studio), capitalize the first letter in each word, as well as capitalizing "AG".

Video Pages (excluding movies, series, and mashups)

  1. Do not make pages for regular videos (such as AGMVs) unless they have reached a substantial amount of views (at least 100,000, as that would indicate that the video was very popular on AGTube).
  2. When adding a title for the page, use a condensed form of the video title (ex: "The Living Project (an AGSM Short Film) -HeartAG's Contest!" should be shortened to "The Living Project"). Please include the full title in the "Name" category of the "Video" infobox.

AGSM Movies

  1. AGSM movies are different from regular videos, as they tend to be more popular and take longer to create. Therefore, the view requirement is lower, at 1,000 views.
  2. Page titles should follow the abbreviation rules stated above.
  3. As with other pages, these pages should not be created to advertise your summer movie.

AGTube Mashups

  1. There is no view requirement for AGTube Mashups; they just need to follow the criteria below.
  2. AGTube Mashups are very specific types of videos; they must include a mashup as the song and are typically labeled as "AGTube Mashup" in their video title. (Basically: someone's end of the year rewind is not included in this category unless it meets those criteria!)
  3. If possible, include a list of the AGTubers included in the mashup on the page.
  4. As with other videos, make sure to condense the video title but include the full title in the page's infobox.