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The SM Network Awards wass an AGTube awards ceremony created by Sydney Jean Films in 2014. It was hosted by a different doll every year. The last SM Network Awards show was in 2017.


Each year, the page for the SM Network Awards nominations would be posted on Sydney's blog in September. This nomination period was quite different from the Sophie Awards, as it gave you a list of AGTubers / videos in each category to choose from. Initially, the awards show was just for dolls they owned rather than other AGTubers. Starting with the 2016 awards, you were able to nominate other channels. The nominations closed in October, with the final voting period lasting from November to March of the following year. The date of the award ceremony would be announced in December, filmed over spring break, and released in June.


2014: June 12, 2014

2015: June 9, 2015

2016: June 8, 2016

2017: June 9, 2017


2014: Maddie

2015: Maddie

2016: Lanie and Riley

2017: Shelly



Best Background Music: Isabelle and the Historicals

Coolest Stopmotion: Everybody (their dolls) dancing to Backstreet Boys (Isabelle and the Historicals)

Best Lookalike: Maddie

Best Historical Actress: Julie

Funniest Doll: Julie

Best GOTY Actress: Isabelle

Best Doll 'Do: Kanani

Best Episode: Maddie

Best Series: AG Adventures

Best Doll With Style: Sydney


2014 Ceremony:

2015 Ceremony:

2016 Ceremony:

2017 Ceremony: