Sparkfireproductions was created by Cristina on January 18th, 2013. Her channel contains videos from stop motions, to photoshoots, to hauls and she has over 8,900 susbcribers (though she had at least 9,000 prior to her inactivity).


  1. Hailey (#24)
  2. Emily
  3. Laura (#25)
  4. Ruby (Custom #23)
  5. Leia (Custom Elizabeth)
  6. Brynna (Saige, GOTY 2013)
  7. Olivia (#13)
  8. Jordan (Caroline)


On May 15th, 2015, Sparkfireproductions posted the first episode of the first season of her live action AG series, Infinite. The series's lead character is a girl named Ember and is play by Cristina's doll Ruby.

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