Star Motion Dolls is a smaller AGTube channel owned by Kat. She makes a variety of videos with her dolls, from stop motions to reviews. She is a relatively new AGTuber who joined November 25th, 2018. She has about 100 subscribers.


Currently, Kat has 14 dolls; 4 of them belong to her sister, but the two share.

  1. Kit Kittredge (Historical)
    1. Kit is 9 years old, optimistic, mischievous, energetic, and enjoys playing softball.
  2. Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)
    1. Kanani is 16 years old, motherly, and organized, and she enjoys business, swimming, and baking.
  3. Ruthie Smithens (Historical Best Friend)
    1. Ruthie is 10 years old, imaginative, sweet, plays volleyball, and enjoys reading.
  4. Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
    1. Kailey is 11 years old, hardworking, and tough, and soccer is basically her life.
  5. Josefina Montoya (Historical)
    1. Josefina is 15 years old, shy, and intelligent, and her interests include medicine, horse riding, and botany.
  6. Kirsten Larson (Historical)
    1. Kirsten is 12 years old, creative, helpful, nature-loving, and enjoys writing a novel.
  7. Julie Albright (Historical)
    1. Julie is 17 years old, diligent, outgoing, and loves to play basketball.
  8. Caroline Abbott (Historical)
    1. Caroline is 12 years old, extroverted, materialistic, helpful, and loves fashion.
  9. Catalina Bridger (MAG 56)
    1. Catalina is 14 years old, dramatic, and attention-loving, and she does dance, choir, and loves to act.
  10. Rebekah Rubin (BeForever)
    1. Becky is 15 years old, highly intelligent, and a perfectionist. She enjoys math, science, and musical theatre.
  11. Lea Clark (GOTY 2016)
    1. Lea is 13 years old, adventurous, and a nature lover. She enjoys hiking and photography.
  12. Nyota Uhura (TM 47)
    1. Nyota is 14 years old, ambitous, smart, and tough, and she loves learning languages, different cultures, and doing martial arts.
  13. Melody Ellison (BeForever)
    1. Melody is 10 years old, artistic, sweet, and caring. She loves playing the piano, painting, and drawing.
  14. Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018)
    1. Luciana is 18 years old, smart, independent, and impulsive. She loves space, physics, and gymnastics.
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