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Stingray Studios is an AGTube channel created on October 24, 2017, but did not begin posting AG content until 2018. She makes mainly AGSMs, and has over 290 subscribers. she is known for her stop motion series Full Dollhouse, which consists of 6 episodes.


Doll: Luciana Vega

Channels: Moon dolls, lynnlife, innerstarstudios13, thesoundof0, AG dollmation, Mixiepixie7.


  1. Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018)
  2. Melody Ellison (BeForever)
  3. Quinn Sunflower (TM #47)
  4. Joss Kendrick (GOTY 2020)
  5. Maryellen Larkin (Historical)
  6. Nanea Mitchell (Historical)
  7. Payton Elle Rose (TM #27)

Contests and Awards Ceremonies[]

The Stingray Awards

Stingray Selfie Photo Contest


Full Dollhouse

Gem Sisters

Cupcake City