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StrollDownMemoryLane is an AGTube channel owned by Claire. She created her channel on January 1, 2014, and has over 400 subscribers. She makes mainly AGLV and series content along with occasional AGSMs.


  1. Max McIntyre (Renamed Molly)
  2. Theodora Rubin (Renamed Rebecca)
  3. Kiyoko Ling (Renamed Ivy)
  4. Rosie Parker (MAG #55)
  5. Lucy Copeland (Renamed Saige)
  6. Cecelia Rey (Historical)
  7. Lyric Larkin (Renamed Maryellen)


Like Clockwork (May 19, 2020 - Present)


  • She has restarted her channel a few times to avoid people from her school from finding her channel, so most of her videos prior to changing to her current channel are now private.
  • She uploaded a few episodes of Like Clockwork initially on a second channel, ag films, from December 2019 to early 2020 before returning to her main channel.