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SummerGirl 2009 is an AGTube channel owned by Line. Line's channel has over 155 subscribers. Line started making AGTube related videos on January 2nd of 2019. Her channel is super funny and will show many humorous stories about her dolls.

Here is a list of all of her dolls:

  • Holly Thomas (Our Generation doll)
  • Reese Thomas (Our Generation doll)
  • Kit Kittredge (Beforever doll)
  • Tenney Grant (Contemporary line doll)
  • Maryellen Larkin (Beforever doll)
  • Logan (My Life AS boy doll)
  • Paige Isabelle Rodriguez (Truly Me)
  • Felicity Krista Merryman (Beforever doll)
  • Maisie Jocelyn Kate (Truly Me)
  • Julianne Jazzman
  • Jocelyn Juliet Kendrick (GOTY 2020 doll)
  • Camille Jillian Kendrick
  • Franklin Bill Conners (Truly Me boy doll)
  • Pancake (Bitty Baby)
  • Syrup Suzy (Bitty Baby)
  • Goofy Teddy (Bitty Baby)