SunsetTeaDolls is an AGTube channel owned by Cheyenne. She has over 200 subscribers, and created her channel on January 27, 2016.

Dolls[edit | edit source]

Alison Destiny Christopher

Alissa Cenna Reed

Berkley May Russo 

Dove Aradine Kauai 

Stevie Angelica Clark

Maya Charlise Matthews 

Lily Charlotte Radcliffe 

Millie Aries Lowe-Tang 

Dorothy Violet Lolin 

Kameko Ansien Yanwen 

Billie Cardinal Linetti

Series[edit | edit source]

Journey Through The Mind: July 20, 2017 - January 30, 2018

Mission Deathwish: February 15, 2018 - Present

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Her channel used to be called AGBabblingBrook.

She used to have a series called Kbaby22 until she deleted it in 2017, as she was unhappy with the way it was turning out.

She has been on YouTube for over 6 years, spanning several channels.

She played “Chrissy” in DancingDollphins 2018 Christmas movie.

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