SunsetTeaDolls is an AGTube channel owned by Cheyenne. She has over 150 subscribers, and created her channel on January 27, 2016.

She is mostly known for the "Cheyenne" highlight on @ag_darlings' Instagram account.

Dolls Edit

Alison Destiny Christopher

Alissa Cenna Reed

Berkley May Russo 

Dove Aradine Kauai 

Lennon Marilyn Moore 

Stevie Angelica Clark

Ava Hermione Matthews 

Maya Charlise Matthews 

Lily Charlotte Radcliffe 

Brizalia (Brizzy) Jess Parkington 

Millie Aries Lowe-Tang 

Anya Ellie Rhode 

Belle Amie Kaba 

Jaiden Des Luxe 

Dorothy Violet Lolin 

Kameko Ansien Yanwen 

Mikala Walaleia Mitchell 

Daniel Sterling Thomas

Margo River Greene 

Sunny Alessa Porter 

Jane Mindy Porter 

Fauna Juniper Coder

Molly Delilah McIntire

Alexandra Emmile Vega

Rose Crystal Marina

Ellery Talyn Joanes

Daphne Chandler Reed

Midori Elaine Chan

Series Edit

Journey Through The Mind: July 20, 2017 - January 30, 2018

Mission Deathwish: February 15, 2018 - Present

Trivia Edit

Her channel used to be called AGBabblingBrook.

She used to have a series called Kbaby22 until she deleted it in 2017, unhappy with the way it was turning out.

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