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Sweetcitrus18 (Now ClickingWithAG) is an AGTuber that joined YouTube in November 2013. She loves making doll stopmotions and she loves AG dolls and the company. She was inspired to make her YouTube account by basilmentos, who is her role model. She has five dolls and had a series named "Blue Eyed Girl." She recently deleted all of her videos except for one titled "Ice Bucket Challenge!" from two years ago. She then posted a non-AG video called "Middle Ages Project," putting "deleting later" in the description.

Her dolls:

-Lexi (Madame Alexander)

-Gwen (GOTY 2009 Friend)

-McKenna (GOTY 2012)

-Emma (MAG 60)

-Samantha (Beforever)


Sweetcitrus18 got her name from a book she read and the school name in that book was Sweet Citrus High. Now, her name is ClickingWithAG, and she says she changed it because it was "old and boring."