Tangerine Tundra AG is an AGTube channel. She created her channel on March 15, 2018, and has over 160 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs and AGLVs.

Dolls Edit

Willow (GOTY 2011)

Josefina (Historical)

Ingrid (JLY 12)

Maren (custom Saige)

Regina (Melody)

Series Edit

Wednesday's Funny Short (April 5, 2017)

Thursday's Odd Attraction (July 6, 2017)

Adventures In Time (January 15, 2018)

Ingrid's Vlog (May 24, 2018 - Present)

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Welcome To Tangerine Tundra AG!

Welcome To Tangerine Tundra AG!

her channel trailer

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