TheDollPlace is an AGTube account owned by Kylie and Paige. They created their channel on April 20, 2014, and have over 1.4k subscribers. They make mainly AGMVs, photoshoot vlogs, and series. They rose to popularity in 2017 being nominated for the "Best Series" category of the Sophie Awards with their day-in-the-life style series "The Doll Place". They are most known for creating elaborate sets, especially after winning cycle 4 of AGNDM, and won the Sophie Award for the Best Sets category in 2020.

Dolls[edit | edit source]

  1. Marisol Luna (GOTY 2005)
  2. Saige Copeland (GOTY 2013)
  3. Caroline Abbott (Historical) 
  4. Ella (MAG 35)
  5. Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014)
  6. Ginelle (MAG 30)
  7. Winnie (MAG 33)
  8. Kit Kitteredge (Historical)
  9. Rose (MAG 49)
  10. Pippa (JLY 29) 
  11. Samantha Parkington (Historical) 
  12. Lottie (Renamed Melody) 
  13. Evie (Custom Felicity)
  14. Cleo (TM 44) 
  15. Flora (Renamed Nanea)
  16. Beatrice (Renamed Kaya)
  17. Mini Paige (TM #55)
  18. Mini Kylie (TM #39)

Series[edit | edit source]

Best/Worst of GOTYs

Best/Worst of BeForever/Historical


10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

The Best Of...

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • They won AGNDM Cycle 4 with their doll Evie.
  • They have been nominated for a Sophie Award in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • They were nominated to the top five for the categories of Best Photography, Best Sets, and Best Overall in the 2020 Sophie Awards, and won the award for Best Sets in the 2020 Sophie Awards.
  • Both Kylie and Paige love Disney movies.
  • They both love H2O as well, and Paige even made a custom mermaid tail for herself.
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