The Living Project is an AGSM movie made by Rainbow Lollipop Productions. It was released on July 25, 2016, and is over 16 minutes long.

Cast Edit

Main Characters Edit

Rebecca Rubin as Bethany

Edward Wilder is Mason

Kanani Akina as Aunt Vicky

Anni Rivers as Jasmine

Minor Characters Edit

Elizabeth Cole as Walking Girl

Kit Kittdredge as Creepy Old Man

Featuring Edit

Voice acting by Rainy and Posy.

Music Edit

"Andy" by Last Dinosaurs

"Easier Said" by Sunflower Bean

"Got Funk" by Kevin Macleod

"Honolulu" by Last Dinosaurs

"So Sad, So Sad" by Varsity

"Time and Place" by Last Dinosaurs

"Losing It" by RHODES

"Weekend" by Last Dinosaurs

Trivia Edit

  • This video is an entry for HeartAG's contest that she had in 2016.
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