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The Realm of Arragara (often shortened to TROA) is an AGTube series created by AGsmiless. The first episode was released on March 29, 2014, and the series finale was released on November 2, 2014. Like Alexis's other series, Aspen Heights, this series is quite popular within the AGTube community.


Main Characters[]

Felicity Merriman as Lena Green

Seth Harrison as Seth Owens

Jenna Akina as Maxton Reyes (Season 1)

Josie Montoya as Ashleigh Wells

Beth Cole as Sabie the Pixie

Mia St. Clair as Juniper

Aly Grey as Maisie (Season 2)

Emma Akina (Season 2)

Minor Characters[]

Julie Albright as Erin Green and Conan Gara

Mia St. Clair as Layla Green

Emma Akina as Jordan

Nathan Coleman as Loch Arlington and King Patton Arlington

Georgia Parkington as Victoria Dime

Zoe Flemming as Queen Kerington Arlington

Aly Grey as Ryze Gara

Arden Woods

Marisol Luna