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The Thing About Jellyfish is an AGSM Movie made by AGWorld Sprinkles. At 45 minutes and 22 seconds long, this movie broke the record for AGSM movie length that was previously set by rockstar13studios. This movie was the longest AGSM movie on YouTube until almost a year later when the record was broken again by Sydney Jean Films. This movie won a Sophie Award in 2019 as well, and was based on a book by Ali Benjamin.


Suzy Swanson: Gabby McBride

Justin Maloney: Bridget Parks

Franny Jackson: Bridget Parks

Mrs. Turton: Rebecca Rubin

Suzy's Mom: Luciana Vega

Aaron Swanson: Maddie Cooper

Rocco (Aaron's Boyfriend): Victor Holmes

Dr. Legs: Lucy Thompson

Suzy's Dad: Nanea Mitchell

Dylan Parker: Samantha Parkington

Sarah Johnston: Riley Carter

Jenna Van Hoose: Felicity Merriman

Molly Sampson: Julie Albright

Aubrey LaValley: Tenney Grant

Extras: Kit Kitteredge