The To-Do List was a series created by girlfotheyearstudios. The first episode was uploaded on August 20th 2011.

Cast Edit

Jessa McConnell as Hayden Sazuki

Norah Lund as Bree Walker

Quinn Hayes as Grace Lopez

Lynee Holland as Lira Young

Scarlett Frost as Mica Reed

Kate Kittredge as Tessa Madison

Peyton Blake as Nate Fletcher

Plot Edit

The pilot was about four girls and their foster mom losing her job. The family ends up moving into to a new town and the family moving into an old mansion for free since the previous owner was unable to care for it.

The orgins of the family is the Grace's min died when she was an infant and taken in by her aunt, the girls foster mom. Each of the girls were taken in over the years, Natalie being the most recent.

Triva Edit

There was never another episode uploaded after the pilot.

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