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thedollsintherain is an AGTube account created by Kailey. She created her channel on February 22, 2016, has over 6,000 subscribers, and mainly makes AGSMs.


Main Doll Family[]

  1. Laneya Wilson (Renamed Historical Rebecca)
  2. Elise (Ellie) Bines (Renamed Historical Kit)
  3. Dakota Greene (MAG #13)
  4. Allison (Alice) Thomas (Renamed Grace)
  5. Monica Akina (Renamed Kanani)
  6. Brinley Hope (Renamed Gabriela)
  7. Genevieve Clarke (TM #33)
  8. Dawson Edwards (Custom TM #53)
  9. Claire Albright (Renamed Beforever Julie)
  10. Esme Archer (TM #61)
  11. Emerson Yang (TM #54)
  12. Simone Lopez (Custom Luciana w/ TM #47 wig)
  13. Renee Beckett (Renamed Lea)
  14. Rhiannon Iyer (Custom TM #47 w/ Luciana wig)
  15. Carter Larsen (Custom Caroline)
  16. Sanni Wilcox (Renamed Felicity)

Other Characters[]

  1. Helene McIntire (Custom Molly)
  2. Jennifer Jacobs (Custom Elizabeth)
  3. Jillian Jacobs (Renamed Marie-Grace)
  4. Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
  5. Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)


  • Kailey does a Secret Santa gift exchange with other AGTubers every year.
  • She made a custom doll (Helene McIntire) and named her after her grandma who passed away.
  • Kailey is Canadian.
  • She is one of the few AGTubers to set her channel as made for kids.
  • Kailey considers her mini me doll to be Dakota, as they used to look alike and have similar personalities.
  • Kailey always renames the dolls in her main collection.
  • She has 2 Kailey Hopkins dolls because she stained the first one.