thedollsintherain is an AGTube account created by Kailey. She created her channel on February 22, 2016, has over 6,000 subscribers, and mainly makes AGSMs.


Main Doll Family

  1. Laneya Wilson (Renamed Historical Rebecca)
  2. Elise (Ellie) Bines (Renamed Historical Kit)
  3. Dakota Greene (MAG #13)
  4. Allison (Alice) Thomas (Renamed Grace)
  5. Monica Akina (Renamed Kanani)
  6. Brinley Hope (Renamed Gabriela)
  7. Genevieve Clarke (TM #33)
  8. Dawson Edwards (Custom TM #53)
  9. Claire Albright (Renamed Beforever Julie)
  10. Esme Archer (TM #61)
  11. Emerson Yang (TM #54)
  12. Simone Lopez (Custom Luciana w/ TM #47 wig)
  13. Renee Beckett (Renamed Lea)
  14. Rhiannon Iyer (Custom TM #47 w/ Luciana wig)
  15. Carter Larsen (Custom Caroline)
  16. Sanni Wilcox (Renamed Felicity)

Other Characters

  1. Helene McIntire (Custom Molly)
  2. Jennifer Jacobs (Custom Elizabeth)
  3. Jillian Jacobs (Renamed Marie-Grace)
  4. Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
  5. Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)


  • Kailey does a Secret Santa gift exchange with other AGTubers every year.
  • She made a custom doll (Helene McIntire) and named her after her grandma who passed away.
  • Kailey is Canadian.
  • She is one of the few AGTubers to set her channel as made for kids.
  • Kailey considers her mini me doll to be Dakota, as they used to look alike and have similar personalities.
  • Kailey always renames the dolls in her main collection.
  • She has 2 Kailey Hopkins dolls because she stained the first one.
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