TimeMachinePlease is an AGTube channel owned by Hannah. She uploaded her first video on December 27th, 2014, and chooses to keep her subscriber count hidden. This channel's videos follow the lives of six girls who live in the same apartment building and run a theatre. On many occassions, their five neighbors are featured. This AGTube channel is based in the past, and does not include any modern electronics.

Dolls Edit

Main Characters Edit

  1. Nancy Petrie (Custom)
  2. Rebecca Morganstern (Custom)
  3. Lou Cooley (Custom Kanani)
  4. Marie Robinson (Custom)
  5. Chrissy Banks (Renamed Maryellen)
  6. Trixie Jones (Custom Caroline)

Neighbors Edit

  • Marvin (Custom)
  • Jo Stockton (Renamed Nanea)
  • Franc (Custom)
  • Julie Barnes (Custom)
  • Millie Haver (Renamed Lea)

Trivia Edit

  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best AGSM category in the 2017 Sophie Awards.
  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best Overall category in the 2018 Sophie Awards.
  • She won the award for Best Overall in the 2019 Sophie Awards.
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