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TimeMachinePlease is an AGTube channel owned by Hannah. She uploaded her first video on December 27th, 2014, and has 1,720+ subscribers. This channel's videos follow the lives of six girls who live in an apartment building in a small town, who often help with productions at a local theatre. On many occasions, their four neighbors are featured. This AGTube channel is based in the past and does not feature any modern electronics.


Main Characters[]

  1. Nancy Petrie (Custom)
  2. Millie Haver (Renamed Lea)
  3. Lou Cooley (Custom Kanani)
  4. Marie Robinson (Custom)
  5. Chrissy Banks (Renamed Maryellen)
  6. Trixie Jones (Custom Caroline)


  • Marvin Fassbinder (Custom)
  • Eydie Lawrence (Custom)
  • Julie Barnes (Custom)
  • Rebecca Morgenstern (Custom)


  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best AGSM category in the 2017 Sophie Awards.
  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best Overall category in the 2018 Sophie Awards.
  • She won the award for Best Overall in the 2019 Sophie Awards.