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Twisted is an AGSM Movie created by SparkleShines AG, and released on May 24, 2020.


Jenna O'Connel has a very unfortunate life; her mother became an addict when her father ran away. Because of this, Jenna and her brother, Noah, become very close and depend on one another. Noah, however, is not very careful, and ends up being murdered, leaving Jenna devastated. She is determined to find the answers to her messed up life and put all of the shattered pieces back together. However, Jenna has a secret power that can either help or hinder her depending on how she decides to use it. Time travel will happen and realities will be bent. Nothing is how it seems...


  • SparkleShines AG says that the movie took 3 months to edit and film; it also took her a year to fully develop the plot.
  • She released a series of behind-the-scenes videos for this movie.
  • The movie was nominated to the top 5 for the "Best Summer Movie" category in the 2020 Sophie Awards.
  • At the time of its release, SparkleShines AG had just reached 400 subscribers, so she released the movie earlier in celebration.
  • She has hinted at a sequel, but it has yet to be confirmed.