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WILDWOOD | SUMMER AGSM MOVIE 2016 is an AGSM movie made by rockstar13studios. At just 35 minutes, it was the longest AGSM movies on YouTube for several years. It is based off of a book by Colin Meloy.


Prue McKeel’s life is turned upside down when her baby brother is kidnapped by crows. Along with her friend Curtis, she embarks on a dangerous journey into the Impassible Wilderness- the vast forest that occupies outer reaches of the riverside city of Portland, Oregon. But Prue and Curtis run into something that they never anticipated. They become stuck in a war for freedom, in an unknown world in the midst of a violent upheaval. Prue and Curtis have always thought of the dense tangle of forest as somewhere that no one has ever gone in-- which they find to have changed. To the locals, that forest is known as Wildwood.


Prue McKeel: Eloise Evans

Curtis Mehlberg: Danny Fenton

Alexandra: Shannon O'Flaherty

Brendan: Jazz Fenton

Iphigenia: Emerson Galway

Iris: Shannon O'Flaherty

Roger: Danny Fenton

Governor Lars Svik: Danny Fenton

Crown Prince: Danny Fenton

Governor Assistant: Shannon O'Flaherty

Mrs. McKeel: Emerson Winters

Mr. McKeel: Danny Fenton

Mrs. Mehlberg: Audrey Coleman

Samuel: Danny Fenton

Northwood Guard: Audrey Coleman


Behind-The-Scenes Videos: