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xmollygirlx is an AGTube channel owned by Amanda. She created her channel on September 27, 2007, and is considered by many to be the first AGTuber. A few days after she created her channel, she uploaded her first video, "Annabeth Makes a Movie". The video became a very popular video, accumulating over 535 thousand views as of 2020. Her last video was uploaded on February 27th, 2010.


Molly (Historical)

Kirsten (Historical)

Samantha (Historical)

Nellie (Historical Best Friend)

Elizabeth (Historical)

Jess (GOTY 2006)

Annabeth Chase (JLY #21)


An American Girl Christmas (2009)

Leaving AGTube[]

xmollygirlx said in June 2010, "It's true that I've been gone from YouTube a long time. I feel bad that I've let so many of you down. Hopefully the videos that I have up here provide some interest. I know I am so pleased every time that I read one of your comments. I really do love all of you guys, I feel bad that as I've gotten older, I've become deluged with more homework, more socializing with friends, and less time with dolls.
They got me through some hard times when I had few friends, and the stories taught me so many important lessons. I hope that the next generation of girls can continue to enjoy them, as I once did. I don't know if I'll be able to upload more videos. It sure would be nice. But I'm not making promises.
If you want my email, you can PM me and I'll give it out, unless it gets too out of hand. I love you all, don't you EVER give up in something you believe in. Also, contrary to some rumors, I have NOT sold any of my dolls, and never intend to do so! Love, Amanda."